The History of Sculpture Park of Keumkuwon.

This place is Sculpture Park of Keumkuwon, where you can walk and enjoy the Sculptural work of O-Sung Kim. This site was originally developed as the Keumkuwon Garden by Kim's father, Byung-Ryul Kim, who had intended to build a school for peasants' self-education in the garden.

Hence the name of Keumkuwon has double meanings of "the garden of Kim's hill" and "the garden of golden hill (symbol of hope and future)".

Although the father's dream is not realized, the place still generates a unique ambience that makes visitors settle down to a self-reflexive mood. that is why this beautiful garden is an ideal setting for the sculptural works scattered here and there to cut their fine figures.

Deplorably, the Typhoon Aannie in September 1998 wiped off the forest and destroyed big trees, so what you can see now are the small ones that survived the typhoon and have grown since then.

After years of being engaged in various creative arts in Seoul, O-Sung Kim returned to his hometown in 1991 to dedicate himself to sculptural art.

He also built an observatory to further another commitment of his astronomy. This observatory enables him to be one of the most prominent contributor to the Korean amateur astronomy. The Sculpture Parkis the first of its kind in Korea(1966), and the Keumkuwon astronomical observatory is also the first as private observatory in Korea(1991).

The administrative address is "861-20, Docheong-Ri, Byeonsan-Myeon, Buan-Gun, Chollabuk-Do" The astronomical coordinates are Long. 126° 29RA, E Lat. 35°37DN. It is placed at an altitude of 35-50 meters.

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Year 2002, The Sculpture Park of Keumkuwon